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11 Foods Tested Mandatory Tangerang

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<span title=”11 Makanan Khas Tangerang Wajib Dicoba

“>11 Foods Tested Mandatory Tangerang

Have you ever been to the city on vacation or Tangerang? The city is located in Banten Province Tatar Pasundan Indonesia. A very well known at all with the object of tourism. But in addition to various types of interesting sights, it is no less interesting while visiting the city of Tangerang are various kinds of distinctive food. This city is so rich with offerings of food, beverages and various kinds of traditional snacks. When visiting Tangerang, Banten province this would not be complete without tasting the culinary tourism there. Processed food from Banten community is already well known by kelezatanya so you will not regret it when it tasted the culinary variety typical of the city in 1000 this industry. Yes, the city of Tangerang is a manufacturing and industrial center on the island of Java that has more than 1000 plant that is used as the support of industry capital. So the city was dubbed the 1000 industrial city, the city which is also the capital city of the satellite is indeed interesting to discuss. Moreover, if discusses the various types of culinary owned. <span title=”Kali ini kita akan bahas mengenai aneka jenis makanan khas tangerang yang bisa menjadi referensi ketika Anda berkunjung kesana.

“>This time we will discuss about the various types of food typical tangerang which could be a reference when you visit there.

The food is typical that there is a lot but we’ll provide any kind of food typical of this city. Obviously if you’re the road – the road to Tangerang should try these foods because it is already very well known and it proved delicious favored by many communities both local people and tourists outside the city. The price offered for distinctive food affordable enough that it will not spend the bag than that offered healthy food because it is original made of quality materials without a miscellaneous mixture of hazardous materials. You will certainly be tempted by some kind of typical dishes of the Tangerang is because the zoom is able to tempt the eye to immediately taste it. <span title=”Berikut makanan khas Tangerang yang populer dan wajib dicoba, yaitu :

“>Here typical food Tangerang popular and must be tested, namely:

<span title=”1. Laksa Tangerang

“>1. Laksa Tangerang

laksa-tangerang-tokomesinlaksa tangerang tokomesin
This tangerang laksa is serve food with raw white noodles made from rice, noodles such as vermicelli noodles but larger size like spaghetti. In this noodle textures tend to be rough and inflexible like yellow noodles. These noodles in given extra sauce with a savory taste made with the addition of coconut milk, stuffing the tangerang laksa is just noodles topped with vegetable sauce by a mixture of green beans and when penyajikan given a sprinkling of chives leaves, pieces of chicken or chicken eggs. The chicken meat used is also the first burned in order to give flavor and aroma of roasted chicken makes it more tasteful. In addition to the entry and what makes this even more unique is similar to a sprinkling of grated coconut serudeng. Laksa in Tangerang there are two types of laksa njai an artificial laksa and laksa aborigines lady is artificial laksa peranakans china. <span title=”Apabila sewaktu – waktu mampir ke kota ini maka coba nikmati laksa tangerang, tentu Anda akan merasakan kenikmatan dan kelezatan makanan khas dari kota 1000 industri ini.

“>If any – time to stop by the city’s then try to enjoy tangerang laksa, sure you will feel the pleasure and delicacies typical of the city in 1000 this industry.

<span title=”2. Nasi Sumsum Tangerang

“>2. Rice Marrow Tangerang

Both meals were inappropriate for you to enjoy rice is tangerang marrow. This food is
already clearly visible when the rice was given additional marrow material produced from cow or buffalo. Tangerang marrow rice made from rice that has been cooked then stirred with additional ingredients and spices. When the stirring process was completed last ingredient added marrow and wrapped with banana leaves. The new maturation process further by burning the rice until done and exit distinctive aroma. These foods are usually eaten during the day by the citizens of Tangerang to the lunch menu. Aroma and flavor can improve appetite, although the menu is rice marrow relatively rare in tangerang food but there are still some food stalls that sell them. <span title=”Berkunjung ke Tangerang menjadi momen istimewa jika sudah menikmati gurihnya nasi sumsum.

“>A visit to Tangerang be a special moment if it had enjoyed the savory rice marrow.

<span title=”3. Gereng Asem

“>3. Gereng Asem

Food is typical Tangerang one is very suitable if eaten when hot weather because it felt refreshing. Spicy and sour taste that is the hallmark of the cuisine of this one. Gerem original tamarind Tangerang made from raw materials duck meat or chicken. The quality of gereng tamarind flavor is really delicious and appropriate at all if it is used to refresh the body. Making gereng tamarind is very easy and simple that does not require a lot of ingredients. Try to enjoy a dish of sour gereng because this dish is very fitting enjoyed when visiting Tangerang. already banya

<span title=”4. Gecom

“>4. Gecom

Gecom food to four that deserves to be sampled, the name of the food made from the acronym is very unique. Gecom abbreviated from toge oncom already be interpreted if the cuisine is derived from two types of material. The food is very typical with toge materials and oncom combined into one with an additional characteristic of Tangerang in the form of soy sauce to be used as a sweetener. <span title=”Kecap yang digunakan sudah pasti kecap khas yaitu kecap SH.

“>Soy sauce used is certainly typical of soy sauce SH.

<span title=”5. Bebek Sate

“>5. Duck Sate

Food fifth of Tangerang who are the typical food and the most sought-after is the duck satay. When visiting do not miss to enjoy the delights of duck satay. How processing by Tangerang society is indeed using a special way so that the flavor and the duck meat more tender results. Manufacture of duck satay is also quite easy to use ingredients such as pepper, seasoning coconut milk, with added secret ingredients that really make sense and quality duck satay menu to be special and hunted a lot of people. <span title=”Harga jualnya cukup terjangkau sehingga Anda tidak perlu kuatir dengan uang 50 ribu Anda pun sudah bisa menikmati kelezatan bebek sate.

“>The selling price is quite affordable so you do not have to worry about money 50 thousand you had been able to enjoy the delights of duck satay.

<span title=”6. Sate Bandeng

“>6. Sate milkfish

sate-bandeng-maksindotangerangsate-banding-maksindotangerangBandeng satay is the food was also popular apart from duck satay with exceptional taste. It makes milkfish satay used to be subscribed by the visitors. In the processing of milkfish satay is indeed made using techniques and special way that creates a sense of true – absolutely typical native 1000 this industry. Sate milkfish is made using coconut milk flavoring with additional distinctive flavor. Typical technique in making this milkfish satay was also using a special way is by picking thorns fish. Sate milkfish is indeed different from the fish generally, because a fish bone that has been removed is made skewers tender and boneless milkfish. Rates are priced for just having sata milkfish is only about Rp. 25,000 to Rp. 30,000 for a single wrapper. <span title=”Sangat terjangkau dan murah meriah bukan, tidak ada salahnya bila Anda membawakan oleh – oleh berupa sate bandeng ini untuk kerabat.

“>Very affordable and cheap is not, it does not hurt when you are brought by the – by the form of milkfish satay for relatives.
<span title=”7. Pindang Bandeng

“>7. Pindang Bandeng

pindang-bandeng2-maksindotangerangpindang-bandeng2 maksindotangerang
Tangerang fish community is in addition utilized to make milkfish satay food menu is also used as typical dishes are boiled milkfish. You already know not that pindang is kind of traditional cuisine berkuah. Fish flavor when processed by making it boiled milk is very delicious and makes the taste of the fish the more delicious. The materials used in the manufacture of boiled milk is typical Tangerang such as garlic, onion, ginger, turmeric, bay leaves and other spices various kinds of materials. To create tastes better then given additional soy sauce for flavor and extra sweet tamarind or star fruit vegetables to taste sour. <span title=”Rasanya mampu membuat ketagihan, bila mengunjungi kota ini jangan lupa untuk mampir menikmati pindang bandeng lezatnya.

“>It feels capable addictive, when visiting this city do not forget to stop by to enjoy the delicious boiled milk.

<span title=”8. Sayur Besan

“>8. Vegetable Besan

Tangerang typical dishes that need to be tried next is vegetable-laws. His name is very unique because this vegetable is always served to the elderly groom – men who come to the house of the bride’s parents. These foods need to be sampled because it tasted delicious dank has, with the materials used are flowers cane or commonly referred to trubuk. <span title=”Bahan pembuatan sayur besan ini diantaranya ialah terubuk, kentang, bihun dan petai.

“>Making materials of which this vegetable is Terubuk besan, potatoes, rice and banana.

<span title=”9. Emping Menes

“>9. Emping Menes

emping-menes-maksindotangerangemping menes maksindotangerang
You can also bring by the – by the form menes emping this is very typical of Tangerang. Menes Emping has a privilege that has a distinctive flavor and aroma as well as different from the various types of chips that exist in Indonesia. Menes raw material for making chips are also using quality materials and processed as if the hand that has been skillfully and made using traditional means. <span title=”Emping menes ini sangat cocok dijadikan oleh – oleh pariwisata ketika berkunjung ke Tangerang.

“>Emping is a proper menes by – by tourism during a visit to Tangerang.

<span title=”10. Kue Apem

“>10. Apem Cakes

Apem cake also exists in Tangerang and has its own characteristics. In the making of this apem cake used is rice flour and cassava. Apem cake is usually eaten with syrup or brown sugar mixture so that it feels more and more delicious and scrumptious. This cake has become one of apem cake typical of Tangerang to taste delicious and very tasty, if used as a snack.

11. Kue Jojorong

-Kue-Jojorong-Manis-Khas-Banten maksindotangerang
Salah satu jenis jajanan khas Tangerang yang tidak boleh dilewatkan untuk dicoba ialah kue jojorong. Kue ini ialah kue tradisional dengan pembuatan yang masih menggunakan cara tradisional. Selesai berwisata kuliner di Tangerang maka jangan lewatkan untuk membeli jajanan khas satu ini. Kue dengan cita rasa manis dan kenyal ini menggunakan bahan dasar berupa tepung beras, tepung kanji serta gula merah. Dalam proses pembuatannya bahan – bahan yang digunakan ini kemudian dicampurkan menjadi satu baru kemudian menuangkannya pada cetakan kecil yang telah disediakan. Apabila bahan ini sudah selesai dituangkan maka baru memberi tambahan taburan gula merah diatasnya. Kue ini dibungkus dengan menggunakan daun pisang yang kemudian dikukus beberapa menit. Untuk membeli oleh – oleh khas ini tidak perlu merogoh kocek yang dalam karena harganya hanya berkisar 5 ribu sampai dengan 20 ribu rupiah saja.

Itulah dia makanan khas Tangerang yang patut untuk Anda coba, bila berkunjung ke Tangerang tentu akan terasa kurang lengkap bila belum menikmati wisata kuliner yang ada disana. Nah, semoga informasi mengenai makanan khas dari kota Tangerang ini bisa membantu untuk menambah wawasan menggenai menu makanan dari Tangerang yang patut untuk dicicipi.